Datalogging, Management and Monitoring

A Platform for Datalogging, Management and Monitoring (DMM) - with Applications within Industrial IT, Automation, Smart Homes and Buildings

Hans-Petter Halvorsen


This project and the solutions and research are developed during several years of activity.

This is an advanced platform for Datalogging, Management and Monitoring. The platform consists of multiple modules and applications can be used within different areas, such as Process Control, Automation Systems, Home Automation, Smart Houses and Buildings, IoT applications, Industry 4.0 applications, etc. The platform supports LabVIEW, Visual Studio/C#, DAQ devices from National instruments, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB are supported.

Web Services or REST APIs have been developed with LabVIEW and PHP. REST Client API have been developed for LabVIEW and Visual Studio/C#.

The platform with applications created are open source. You can freely download the source code for the applications and examples created.

The platform makes it possible to manage and log data from different sources and devices, such as ordinary PC with DAQ devices, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Data can be stored locally or in the cloud.


The Platform has many Applications, such as:


Below we see how we can use DMM in a Smart House solutions:


For more Smart Home solutions, see the Smart Houses and Buildings web page.


Data Management, Logging and Monitoring (DMM) Platform Overview

Here are some important part of such a system:

Devices and Components:

Software and Services:


Data Management Software

The Data Management Software takes care of configuration of data points, logging rates, events and actions, alarm configuration, etc.

Below we see the Data Management Software where we can configure Devices (Sensor Nodes), Tags, etc.


Devices are typicallly sensor nodes that include one or more measurements, so-called tags. A Device can be based on hardware like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and different DAQ devices/I/O modules.


Devices are typicallly sensor nodes that include one or more measurements, so-called tags as shown below:


Data Logging

To acquire data from the different sensors, such as temperature, air pressure, humidity, air quality (CO2, etc.), etc are important.

The video below gives an overview of such a Datalogging and Monitoring system:


Cloud Computing and Hosting

Cloud-based Data Logging, Monitoring and Analysis:


Data Logging and Monitoring Software

Multiple applications have been developed during several years, which can be used for different areas and they are alo programmed in different programming languages.


LabVIEW DAQmx Applications

Several LabVIEW applications have been made which supports DAQmx hardware (I/O modules and DAQ devices from National Instruments) out of the box.


The Video below gives a detailed overview of the Application.

Video: Introduction to Data Logging and Monitoring App:


For more information about the system described above:

Datalogging and Monitoring Overview

Here you can get access the source code as well.



In addition to the DAQmx applications a HTTP/REST Client API has been made for cloud storage via HTTP/REST.


Data Monitoring Software

Different software and applications for Data Monitoring have also been made.

Below we see a web-based system for Data Monitoring:

Live Demo The Demo shows live Temperature Data from a location at the university campus. The Temperature Data are logged to the Cloud and presented in a Chart with Live Data.



The Database is crucial for the DMM system, this is where alle the configuration data and the data from the different measurments, etc. are stored.

The source code for the databases used in the different applications are available here: Datalogging and Monitoring Overview

Technical Project Foundation

The technical foundation for this project are the following topics:

Click on these topics above and you will find lots of background information, training material, videos, and other resoures.


Below you find an overview of relevant topics within Datalogging, Management and Monitoring:

Datalogging and Monitoring Overview

Cloud Computing and Hosting


Research Groups

Some of these projects has been carried out as part of the following research groups at the university:

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