Smart Houses and Buildings

Hans-Petter Halvorsen


In this R&D project the focus are Home Automation, Smart Houses and Buildings.

Below you find an overview of relevant topics within Automation Systems and Industry 4.0:


Home Automation

Below you see one of Home Automation configuration that has been executed in this project:

Explanation of the different parts in the Figure:


Below you find an overview of relevant topics within Home Automation and Smart Home Solutions:

Internet of Things (IoT) Overview

Cloud Computing and Hosting


Technical Project Foundation

The technical foundation for this project are the following topics:

Click on these topics above and you will find lots of background information, training material, videos, and other resoures.


Datalogging, Management and Monitoring Platform

This is a platform for Datalogging, Management and Monitoring (DMM) - with Applications within Industrial IT, Automation, Smart Homes and Buildings.

The platform is open source, you can freely download source code, documentation, etc.

The platform makes it possible to manage and log data from different sources and devices, such as ordinary PC with DAQ devices, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Data can be stored locally or in the cloud.

Overview of the DMM Platform


Research Groups

Some of these projects has been carried out as part of the following research groups at the university:

Student Projects

Below we get an overview of some of the student projects that have been involved in this R&D project.

Student Projects

Additional Resources

Below you will find more interesting resources


Learn LabVIEW Programming


Learn MATLAB Programming

Visual Studio/C#

Learn Visual Studio/C# Programming

Database Systems

Learn Database Systems and Structured Query Language (SQL)


IoT Resources

Automation and Control

Automation and Control Resources


Data Acquisition


OPC Resources, OPC DA and OPC UA


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition


Hardware in the Loop Simulation and Testing

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Resources


Modbus Resources

Datalogging and Monitoring

Datalogging and Monitoring Examples

Technology Videos

Lots of Videos within different Applications and Areas