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What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is a tool for technical computing, computation and visualization in an integrated environment. MATLAB is an abbreviation for MATrix LABoratory, so it is well suited for matrix manipulation and problem solving related to Linear Algebra, Modelling, Simulation and Control applications, etc.

MATLAB is developed by MathWorks.

Getting Started with MATLAB:


Want to learn more? Goto MATLAB Basics.


Download Software

You can use MATLAB with Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Latest version of MATLAB is MATLAB R2021a.

Note! If you have an old PC with 32bit Windows, you need to download an older version of MATLAB (e.g., MATLAB 2015b).


University of South-Eastern Norway

Students and staff at University of South-Eastern Norway can freely install the MATLAB Software on their own computers, since the university has a Total Academic Headcount (TAH) License.

Installation Steps:

  1. Create an Account:
  2. Activate License:
  3. Download Software:

The Activation Key is provided by your teacher/supervisor in the course you are using MATLAB. Note! You need to use the university mail address.

You may want to see this Video (MATLAB Installation Guide) by Om Prakash Chapagain.


Already have MATLAB and need to update the existing MATLAB Software? Select "Help -> Licensing -> Update Current Licenses", then click "Update" and everything should be OK.


Do you have technical problems installing MATLAB? – Please contact Mathworks MATLAB Support - or the teacher/supervisor in the course where you are going to use MATLAB.


You can also use MATLAB from that is used by USN (Then you do not have to worry about the steps mentioned above).




Want to learn MATLAB? Goto MATLAB Basics.

As part of the Site license at USN, free Training Courses are included from Mathworks.



You can buy a MATLAB student version (349 NOK), which you can install on your personal computer. The MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite (699 NOK) includes the most used Toolboxes as well, like Simulink, Control System Toolbox, Optimization Toolbox, Statistics Toolbox, etc. Additional Add-on products costs 69 NOK/Toolbox.



Don't want to install MATLAB on your computer?

MATLAB Online is a simplified version of the full featured desktop version, and it is available in your Web Browser.

MATLAB Online:

Most of the basic features and many Toolboxes are supported. Here you find an overview of Specifications and Limitations with the MATLAB Online.



IoT Applications with MATLAB

You can also use MATLAB when working with Internet of Things (IoT), Arduino and Rapberry Pi.

Arduino Support Package for MATLAB

Raspberry Pi Support Package for MATLAB

Here you find more information about Internet of Things (IoT), Arduino and Raspberry Pi

MATLAB Resources

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