erwin Data Modeler

Hans-Petter Halvorsen

What is erwin Data Modeler?

erwin Data Modeler is a Database Design and Modelling Tool.

Introduction to erwin Data Modeler:


PowerPoint used in the Video

erwin Data Modeler Home page


Academic Edition

Download erwin Data Modeler Academic Edition

The Academic Edition is for academic use only. Note! You need to apply for it - so it may take 2-5 days before you get it!

If you need a 32 bits version or an older version of the software, you may try this link.


erwin Data Modeler - Academic Edition (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)


Structured Query Language (SQL)

SQL Server and Structured Query Language (SQL) (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)


Database Development

Database Development with erwin Data Modeler, SQL Server and Visual Studio:

PowerPoint used in the Video

Database Resources

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