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Hans-Petter Halvorsen

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Software Testing and Test Planning - This week's highlights


We should be finished with the Beta release this week.


This week we will have focus on planning the testing of our system. The main activities this week will be:

  1. Tuesday: We will create a Software Test Plan (STP) for our Project.
  2. Next (Friday), we will create a Virtual Test Environment using VMware Workstation Player. Then you should install your system in the virtual test environment. Note! Visual Studio shall not be installed in the Test Environment.


Note! Code Freeze: Tuesday 10:15-14:00 and Friday 10:15-14:00 - No Programming in Class this week! – otherwise it is easy to lose focus on Testing! Using Visual Studio in class not allowed this week!


Note! Software: VMware Workstation Player requires a lot from your computer, make sure to have at least 30Gb free space.


For more details, see the Week Assignment.

1. Preparations

2-3h. Main focus: Prepare to participate in class activities. It is important that you are prepared when you come to class. 

Software Testing and Test Planning - This week's highlights



You need the following Software (make sure to install them before you come to class!):

In addition, we continue to use:



Note! In class we will need to use the software mentioned above. Installing software is time consuming! Don't waste your, the group or the teachers time in class. Make sure to install it before class. If you don't have the software ready for class, you cannot keep up with the practical exercises and project work that you should do in class.



Please go through the resources below before you meet in class.

Video: Software Testing:

PowerPoint used in Video:  Software Testing


More Videos:

Why Testing is Important?

7 Principles of Testing

Software Testing Life Cycle


Other Resources:

What is a Test Plan? (tutorialspoint)

Test Planning (Sommerville)


Test Environment and Virtualization:

Video: Introduction to Virtualization:

PowerPoint used in Video:  Introduction to Virtualization


Video: How to create a Test Environment and Deploying a Web App and Desktop App:


Video: ASP.NET Core - Web Server IIS Deployment:

PowerPoint used in the Video

See also ASP.NET Core - Deploy to Virtual Test Environment (YouTube)


Video: Database Script:

PowerPoint used in the Video + Database Example used in the Video



- Latest version of VMware Workstation Player is only 64 bit, then you need to have Windows 10 64 bit as the Host Operating System. You can download previous versions of VMware if you only have 32 bit Windows.
- SQL Server Express 2019 is only 64 bit. In order to use SQL Server 2019 in your Test Environment, you need to install Windows 10 64 bit. If you have Windows 10 32 bit, you can use SQL Server 2014 (latest version supporting 32bits).

Creating Test Environment - Tips and Tricks

Before you deploy your Application to the Test Environment, you may want to start by deploying this Test Application (ASP.NET Core BookApp).


Other Resources:

Virtualization Overview

Create a Virtual Test Environment - Step by Step

Web Apps and Internet Information Services (IIS) 



The theory part of this course is "reading material" (it's like reading a novel), so be sure to take a look at some of the textbook resources below, and especially the Sommerville book. The main concept in this course is to read the theory at home and they apply the theory concepts on the project.

Software Development Literature


Read the following chapters in one ore more of the following Textbooks below before you meet in class:

Textbook Syllabus
Software Development - A Practical Approach
  • Ch.13 Testing
  • Ch.23 Bug Tracking Systems
Software Engineering (I. Sommerville)
  • Ch.8 Software Testing
Essentials of Software Engineering (Frank Tsu et al.)
  • Ch.10 Testing and Quality Assurance
  • App.D Essential Test Plan
Software Engineering (Saikat Dutt, et al.)
  • Ch.19: Intr. to Software Testing
  • Ch.20: Software Testing Plan and Test Case Preparation

The selected chapters in bold font are highly recommended!

The following is also highly recommended: Software Testing Tutorial

2. Activities in Class

6h. Main focus: Practice applying key concepts with feedback. Execution and review of the week assignment will be the main focus in class on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Review: Review of the Final SCC document: Source Code Control Systems Overview. Deadline Tuesday 10:15 this week.


Week Assignment

It is important that you do what's in the weekly assignments. The weekly assignments guides you through the course with a red line with a primary focus on important topics in software engineering and practical implementation of these topics through a large project. The contents of the week assignments are important criteria when it comes to censorship and grading in this course. 

2 main tasks this week:

  1. Tuesday: Create a Software Test Plan (Team Work) Deadline: Draft: This Friday 14:00, Make sure to fill out the Form given in class. Final document: Next Tuesday 10:15. Delivery: 2 printed copies of the STP.
  2. Friday: Create a Virtual Test Environment using VMWare Workstation Player (Individual Work! - All members of the Team should do this task individually!) You need to install Windows 10, SQL Server and your software ininside a Virtual Machine (VM). Visual Studio shall not be installed in the Test Environment! Deadline: This Friday 14:00. Make sure to fill out the Form given in class.



Friday Afternoon Quiz - Can you relax this weekend? - or do you need to take an extra look at some of the available resources? In order to Pass this Quiz, you need to get a Score >= 70%. You should answer the questions without any aids!


3. Complementary Work

6-7h. Main focus: Finish Week Assignment. Check your understanding and extend your learning. Go through the following resources in order to review and get a deeper understanding of what you should learn in this topic. You may also need these resources in order to solve the week assignment.



It is recommended that you read the following documents:

Software Testing Tutorial

Web Apps and Internet Information Services (IIS)



It is recommended that you watch the following videos:

Video: How can we easily make our Database ready for Deployment:

Resources used in the video above:

PowerPoint used in the Video (PDF)

Database Example used in the Video (ZIP)

Database Script Generator Tool (LabVIEW Code)


Other Videos:

Software Testing (from Software Engineering Course at NTNU, the Video is in Norwegian)

How to write a Test Case

What is Integration Testing? - Integration Testing means the system is put together and tested to make sure everything works together. Make sure that different pieces work together. Test the Interfaces between the different pieces, interaction with other systems (Hardware, OS, etc.), etc.

What is System Testing? - Test the whole system. System testing is typically Black-box Tests that validate the entire system against its requirements, i.e checking that a software system meets the specifications. 

What is Black Box Testing? - You need no knowledge of how the system is created.

What is White Box Testing? - You need to have knowledge of how (Design and Implementation) the system is built

More Software Testing Tutorials (Youtube Playlist with about 30 Videos)


Web Resources

Below you find some additional resources for deeper understanding and reflection:

Software Testing

Krevende å teste mobilitet (Computerworld)

Test Plan or Test Execution – Which is More Important?

Crash Test For Dummies (in Norwegian)

Fire av ti utviklere er så stresset at de føler at de ikke har tid til å teste applikasjonene de utvikler - (2017.11.19)



Review Questions - Note! This is mandatory! In order to Pass this Quiz, you need to get a Score >= 50%.

In order to get best outcome, you should answer the questions without any aids! You should also write your answers in your own words using Norwegian language. Don't just copy the text directly from the PowerPoints or the Textbooks, in that way you dont learn anything! When answering the Questions, pretend you are sit down taking the final written Exam. This means you should watch Videos, read the Textbooks, PowerPoints and oher Resources in advance before you start answering the Review Questions.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

In this Forum everybody can ask Questions, answer Questions, give Tips and Tricks, etc. regarding Software Development. Please use Full Name and Picture.