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Software Platforms - This week's highlights


We should be finished with the  Alpha release this week, including Sprint Review Meeting and Sprint Retrospective Meeting.


This weeks topic is Software Platforms. We have various platforms such as Desktop, Web and Mobile platforms (mobile phones, tablets, etc), Cloud computing platforms, etc. Our main focus will be the Web platform and Web Programming, since we as part of our project are creating a Web Application.


There will be few common teaching activities this week, primarily independent, individual and group-based project work where you should primarily work on the following:


Note! The Web Sites you create now will be the first draft of the “Final Report” for your Project. The best Web Site in each Team will be selected and used further in your Project. The ASP.NET Application, Code, Documents and your Azure DevOps Project, etc. will be “Chapters” and “Appendices” in this “Report” (Web Site).


For more details, see the Week Assignment.

1. Preparations

2-3h. Main focus: Prepare to participate in class activities. It is important that you are prepared when you come to class. 

Software Platforms - This week's highlights



You need the following Software (make sure to install them before you come to class!):

(You will need more software later)

PC recommendations - The main tool will be your PC, so make sure your PC is up to date.


Note! In class we will need to use the software mentioned above. Installing software is time consuming! Don't waste your, the group or the teachers time in class. Make sure to install it before class. If you don't have the software ready for class, you cannot keep up with the practical exercises and project work that you should do in class.



Please go through the resources below before you meet in class.

HTML and CSS is the basic building blocks for creating web pages. Basic HTML and CSS is typically something many learn already in high school (Norwegian: Videregående). If you have not learned basic HTML and CSS, is a simple and easy place to acquire this knowledge. Here you find lots of basic examples and exercises suitable for self-paced learning.


Video: USN Web Server Overview:

Web Server User Guide

Note! Set proper Read/Write Properties for both your root folder and for the public_html folder by right-clicking and select Properties on these folders in your FTP program.


Video: Web Programming Overview:

Web Programming Overview


Video: HTML and CSS:

Create Web Pages using HTML and CSS


More Tutorials:

Introduction to Web Programming - with Step by Step Examples


Web Programming Resources:

It is expected that you know basic HTML/CSS. If not, take a look at some of these resources before you meet in class:

HTML and CSS -

HTML Essential Training - The university has a subscription, so you can use it for free!

Basic HTML/CSS knowledge Videos: HTML Basics, HTML Text, HTML Lists, HTML Images, HTML Links, HTML Internal Links, HTML Tables, HTML Comments, CSS Basic, CSS by Id, CSS by Class, CSS Fonts, CSS Font Styles, CSS Text Properties, CSS Inheritance, CSS Inline Styles, CSS External Stylesheet

See how CSS can change your Web Site:

More Web/HTML: HTML Validation ( (i.e., do you follow the latest HTML 5 standards?)



Important Scrum Meetings this week:

Scrum Meetings:

1. Sprint Review Meeting:

The purpose with the Sprint Review is to have a complete review of all the tasks/user stories that should be completed in the Sprint (Sprint Backlog items). On the last day of the sprint, your team meets with your product owner, customers, and stakeholders to accept completed work and to identify new requirements. In this meeting, your team demonstrates each user story that it completed in the sprint. 

Sprint Review Meeting

Sprint Review Meeting


2. Sprint Retrospective Meeting:

The purpose with the Sprint Retrospective is to reviewing the Process for the specific Sprint. What went well in this Sprint? What could be improved? The outcome of the meeting should be an Action List (Commitments): 1. Keep doing 2. Start doing 3. Stop doing.

Sprint Retrospective Meeting

Sprint Retrospective Meeting


3. Sprint Planning Meeting:

The purpose with the Sprint Planning is to discuss and select the work items for the next Sprint. You select work items from the Product Backlog into the next Sprint Backlog.

Sprint Planning Meeting

Sprint Planning Meeting



The theory part of this course is "reading material" (it's like reading a novel), so be sure to take a look at some of the textbook resources below, and especially the Sommerville book. The main concept in this course is to read the theory at home and they apply the theory concepts on the project.

Software Development Literature


Read the following chapters in one ore more of the following Textbooks below before you meet in class:

Textbook Syllabus
Software Development - A Practical Approach
  • Ch. 17: Software Platforms
Software Engineering (I. Sommerville)
  • Ch. 17, 18, 20, 21
Essentials of Software Engineering (Frank Tsu et al.)
  • Ch. 9.4: Cloud Platforms
Software Engineering (Saikat Dutt, et al.)
  • Ch.23: Web Engineering

Note! The selected chapters for this topic are "reading material" in order to get an overview of software Platforms in general.

No detailed knowledge is necessary, you just need to see the big picture. The selected chapters in bold font are highly recommended!

2. Activities in Class

6h. Main focus: Practice applying key concepts with feedback. Execution and review of the week assignment will be the main focus in class on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Review: The SDP and STD documents should be finished. Make sure all Documents are in Microsoft Teams and Code are uploaded to Azure DevOps. In addition, The Product Backlog in Azure DevOps should have been created with the SDP and SRD documents as foundation. Make sure to have a good folder structure both in Teams and in Azure DevOps!

In that way you are ready for the final stage in the Alpha release, which is creating a HTML web site that should presenting you product with documentation.


Week Assignment

It is important that you do what's in the weekly assignments. The weekly assignments guides you through the course with a red line with a primary focus on important topics in software engineering and practical implementation of these topics through a large project. The contents of the week assignments are important criteria when it comes to censorship and grading in this course. 


Main Tasks:

Create a Web Site presenting your Project. It should be a basic HTML page with title, text, figures, tables, hyperlinks, etc. Styling and formating shall be done using CSS. Note! This is an individual activity - meaning all members in the team should do it!

The web site should be created in Visual Studio Code or as a "Web Site" in Visual Studio and then published to the Web Server. The URL for the web site is:

Individual activity: It is important that all members learn basic Web Development, including knowledge of Web Servers, FTP, HTML, CSS, etc.


Next week we will select the best web sites within each team that should be used for the final delivery.

Make sure to validate your Web Site (i.e., do you follow the latest HTML 5 standards?):

HTML/CSS Web Site Requirements Specifications + Vote Form + Vote Sheet


Scrum Activities this Week:

Important Project Milestones:

Alpha Release:

Alpha Release - Deadline this Week!

Ecah Team should have the following meetings:

Sprint Review Meeting (Alpha Release) - A complete review of all the tasks that should be completed in the Sprint (Sprint Backlog items)

Sprint Retrospective Meeting (Alpha Release) - Reviewing the Process for the specific Sprint. What went well in this Sprint? What could be improved? Make Action List (Commitments).

Beta Release:

Sprint Planning Meeting (Beta Release) - The purpose with the Sprint Planning is to discuss and select the work items for the next Sprint



Friday Afternoon Quiz - Can you relax this weekend? - or do you need to take an extra look at some of the available resources? In order to Pass this Quiz, you need to get a Score >= 70%. You should answer the questions without any aids!

Make sure to be well prepared for the Quiz! There will be an extended Quiz with many HTML/CSS releated questions, in addition to general Software Platforms questions. Great prizes to the winner! Note! It will be an individual Quiz with no aids allowed!


3. Complementary Work

6-7h. Main focus: Finish Week Assignment. Check your understanding and extend your learning. Go through the following resources in order to review and get a deeper understanding of what you should learn in this topic. You may also need these resources in order to solve the week assignment.



It is recommended that you read the following documents:

Software Platforms Overview



It is recommended that you watch the following videos:


HTML Essential Training - The university has a subscription, so you can use it for free!



In our project we will focus on creating Web Applications using the ASP.NET Framework.

Web Programming | ASP.NET Core (Textbook, Free PDF download). Web Site (here you find videos, tutorials, code downloads, etc.)



Web Resources

Below you find some additional resources for deeper understanding and reflection:


Web Programming


ASP.NET Web Programming



Review Questions - Note! This is mandatory! In order to Pass this Quiz, you need to get a Score >= 50%.

In order to get best outcome, you should answer the questions without any aids! You should also write your answers in your own words using Norwegian language. Don't just copy the text directly from the PowerPoints or the Textbooks, in that way you dont learn anything! When answering the Questions, pretend you are sit down taking the final written Exam. This means you should watch Videos, read the Textbooks, PowerPoints and oher Resources in advance before you start answering the Review Questions.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

In this Forum everybody can ask Questions, answer Questions, give Tips and Tricks, etc. regarding Software Development. Please use Full Name and Picture.